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We at Informativ-Hungary Kft. have developed our advisory services with a very wide range of both Hungarian and International companies. Our partners and colleagues can communicate in English and German and are acknowledged experts in all fields of accounting, tax and bookkeeping as pertaining to the Hungarian market. Most of our executives learnt their specialties at one of the “big five” international auditing companies.
  • classical accounting
  • payroll
  • tax services
  • high level accountancy and tax law consultation
  • auditing
  • avoid later problems by consulting us before making a major investment or doing a business transactions
  • We are here to solve your problems
Our service is unique to the Hungarian accounting market; in as much as we are pro active. We provide continuous information to investors and the company management about the current economic situation, prospects and any issues that may effect their company or investment. This information is sent in whatever form and language that is required. On demand we can open sub bank accounts for our partners and clients, from where we can manage their transfers electronically.